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Australian UniSport Nationals Division 1 Men’s, Women’s & Overall Champions
NSW Club Champions (reigning)
Winter Premiership Champions Men & Women (7th consecutive Women’s premiership)
Summer Pennant Champions
Leading Gold & overall medals (Open track) NSW State Relays
58 National Championships representatives
5 Oceania Champions
11 National Champions
3 Junior National Champions
13 State Champions
8 State Junior Champions
3 Tokyo Olympic qualifications (Nicola McDermott, Catriona Bisset & Milly Clark as at July 2019)
9 IAAF World & World Para Athletics Championships representatives (Nicola McDermott, Rohan Browning, Bec Bennett, Michelle Jenneke, Nick Hough, Paige Campbell, Catriona Bisset, Alex Beck & Angie Ballard)
5 IAAF World Relays representatives (Josh Ralph, Nick Hough, Bec Bennett, Catriona Bisset & Alex Beck)
2 IAAF World Relays Silver medalists (Josh Ralph & Catriona Bisset)
2 IAAF World Cross Country Championships representatives (Paige Campbell & Emily Brichacek)
5 Summer Universiade representatives (Paige Campbell, Jess Stafford, Genevieve Cowie, Angus Armstrong & Catriona Bisset)
3 Summer Universiade medallists (Universiade Champion to Catriona Bisset & Bronze to Gen Cowie & Jess Stafford)
7 IAAF Diamond League representatives (Nick Hough Birmingham & Paris, Catriona Bisset London, Nicola McDermott Doha, Eugene/Stanford, Lausanne & Diamond League Final Brussels)
5 Oceania Champions (Josh Ralph, Nick Hough, Ian Dewhurst, Paige Campbell & Catriona Bisset)
13 Oceania Championships representatives
1 Pacific Games representative & champion (Ian Dewhurst)
1 Arafura Games representative (Sarah Clifton-Bligh)
3 Australian records (Catriona Bisset 800m Jess Pascoe 5000m indoor, Josh Ralph & Catriona Bisset 2x2x400m)
5 Australian Para records (Sarah Jane Clifton-Bligh T32 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, F32 Discus)



NSW Club Champions
Summer Pennant Champions
Winter Premiership Champions Women (6th consecutive Women’s premiership)
Leading Gold & overall medals (Open) NSW State Relays
46 National Championships & Commonwealth Games Nomination Trials representatives
21 State Champions
4 National Champions & National Modern Pentathlon Champion (Marina Carrier)
13 Commonwealth Games representatives (Angie Ballard, Ian Dewhurst, Nick Hough, Josh Ralph, Michelle Jenneke, Annie Rubie, James Nipperess, Angus Armstrong, Rohan Browning, Josh Clarke, Nicola McDermott, Larissa Pasternatsky & SUAC alumna Madeline Hills)
Commonwealth Games Silver medalist (Angie Ballard)
Commonwealth Games Bronze medalists (Nicola McDermott & Nicholas Hough)
5 IAAF World Continental Cup representatives (Michelle Jenneke, Anneliese Rubie, Nicola McDermott, Jin Su Jung & Josh Ralph)
2 IAAF World U20 Championships representatives (Aiden Harvey & Lachlan Raper)
1 IAAF World Race Walking Team Championships representative (Brendon Reading)
1 IAAF Diamond League Final 2nd place (Nicola McDermott)
3 World University Cross Country representatives (Joe Burgess, Lara Hamilton & Beth Croft)
2 ITU Junior Men World Championship representatives (Jayden & Luke Schofield)
1 UIPM World Cup representative (Marina Carrier)
2 Australian Para records (Sarah Jane Clifton-Bligh T32 1500m, F32 Javelin)
2018 calendar year report


Australian University Games Champions (Women, 7th consecutive title)
NSW Club Champions
Leading Gold medals (Open Track) NSW State Relays
Winter Premiership Champions Men & Women (7th consecutive Men’s premiership & 5th consecutive Women’s premiership)
61 National Championships representatives
9 National Champions & National Modern Pentathlon Champion (Marina Carrier)
14 State Champions
10 IAAF World & World Para Athletics Championship representatives (Annie Rubie, Nick Hough, Nicola McDermott, Jack Colreavy, Milly Clark, Rohan Browning, Ella Nelson, Angie Ballard & SUAC alumna Madeline Hills)
1 IAAF World Cross Country Championships representative (Emily Ryan)
4 IAAF World Relays selections (Josh Ralph, Ella Nelson, Annie Rubie & Rohan Browning)
3 IAAF Diamond League representatives (Nick Hough, Jenny Blundell & Ella Nelson)
10 Summer Universiade representatives (Nick Hough, Nicola McDermott, Paige Campbell, Liz Clay, Rohan Browning, Angus Armstrong, Shelly Jenneke, Larissa Pasternatsky, Jin Su Jung & Jess Stafford)
6 Oceania Athletics Championships representatives (Maddy Bergfield, Sebastian Gray, Hugo Whitehead, Audrey Amiya-Hall, Larissa Pasternatsky & James Ellis)
3 Nitro Athletics Team Australia representatives (Annie Rubie, Justin Merlino & Michelle Jenneke)
1 New York Road Runners NYC Half Marathon representative (Milly Clark)
1 World Mountain Running Championships representative (Audrey Amiya-Hall)
1 World Junior Modern Pentathlon Championships representative (Marina Carrier)
2017 calendar year report


Australian University Games Champions (Women & Overall)
NSW Club Champions
State Relay Champions (Women)
National Club 4x100m Record (Josh Clarke, Jin Su Jung, Nick Hough, Jarrod Geddes, equal with Curtin University)
Summer Champions (Women)
Winter Premiership Champions (6th consecutive Men’s premiership & 4th consecutive Women’s premiership)
Winter Premiership U20 Champions (Women)
49 National Championships representatives
19 State Champions
6 Rio Olympics representatives (Milly Clark, Annie Rubie, Brendon Reading, Michelle Jenneke, Ella Nelson, Jenny Blundell & SUAC alumna Madeline Hills. Josh Clarke withdrew his selection due to injury)
1 Rio Paralympics representative (Angie Ballard, University of Sydney student Rae Anderson also competed)
1 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships representative (Milly Clark)
1 IAAF World Indoor Championships representative (Michelle Jenneke)
2 IAAF U20 World Championships representatives (Beth Croft, Angus Armstrong)
1 IAAF World Race Walking Team Championships representative (Brendon Reading)
2 IAAF Diamond League representatives (Jenny Blundell, Ella Nelson)
2 World University Cross Country representatives (Joe Burgess & Danielle Allen)
2016 calendar year report


Australian University Games Champions
Summer Pennant Champions
NSW Club Champions
Summer Premiership Champions
Winter Premiership Champions
49 National Championships representatives
4 National Champions
16 State Champions
7 IAAF World Championships representatives selected (Josh Ralph, James Nipperess, Emily Brichacek, Michelle Jenneke, Nicholas Hough, Ella Nelson, Annie Rubie)
3 IAAF World Relay Championships representatives (Ella Nelson, Jin Su Jung, Annie Rubie)
3 IAAF World Cross Country representatives (Emily Brichacek, James Nipperess, Kate Spencer)
8 Summer Universiade representatives (Jin Su Jung, Aliz Kennedy, Angus Armstrong, Michelle Jenneke, Nicole Fagan, Nick Hough, Nick Van Gelder & Nicola McDermott)
2 Oceania Athletics Championships representatives (Maddy Bergfield, Nicholas Van Gelder)
1 Pacific Games representative (Kasandra Vegas)
1 IAAF Diamond League representative (Nicholas Hough)
2 World Records (Angie Ballard, T53 400m & 800m)
2 IPC World Champions (Angela Ballard, T53 400m & 800m)
2015 calendar year report


Australian University Games Champions
State Relay Champions
Summer Pennant Champions
NSW Club Champions
Summer Premiership Champions
Winter Premiership Champions
45 National Championships representatives
8 National Champions
21 State Champions
4 IAAF World Championships representatives (Lara Tamsett, Nick Hough, Jarrod Geddes, Josh Ralph)
5 IAAF World Relays representatives (Josh Ralph, Annie Rubie, Jin Su Jung, Jarrod Geddes, Ella Nelson)
1 IAAF Continental Cup representative (Annie Rubie)
3 IAAF World Juniors representatives (Georgia Wassall, Tavleen Singh, Kate Spencer)
11 Commonwealth Games representatives (Angie Ballard, Emily Brichacek, Ian Dewhurst, Ella Nelson, Nick Hough, Michelle Jenneke, Jin Su Jung, Jarrod Geddes, Josh Ralph, Anneliese Rubie, James Nipperess, Lara Tamsett)
Commonwealth Gold medallist (Angie Ballard)
2014 calendar year report

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